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WAVE Market Access Solutions are dedicated to meeting all health economic & outcomes research (HEOR) and market access needs with an expert team, personalized solutions, and a focus on your success. Our mission is to maximize the likelihood that individuals have access to the medicines they need to lead healthier and happier lives

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HEOR/Market Access Strategy

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The power of the WAVE team is that we are highly experienced, consistent, reliable and responsible. We can hit the ground running and provide an opportunity to boost our client’s HEOR and market access capabilities, based on 20+ years of industry experience

An Extra Pair of Hands

We are a critical extra pair of hands to help our client’s achieve their HEOR and market access goals by providing, that all important, peace of mind

WAVE Market Access Solutions can provide elegant and efficient support if:

You have health economics and market access needs, but limited internal resources to meet these
You are undergoing lengthy recruitment processes, but the needs still must be met
You have a skill gap
You have specific project needs