Our Services

Interim Support

WAVE is a responsible and reliable partner to our clients by providing highly experienced and flexible interim and contract support. Where internal resources are not readily available, WAVE can provide clients with critical support and extra pair of hands that are required to meet internal HEOR and market access needs

HEOR/Market Access Strategy

WAVE provides expertise in developing and executing strategies that help clients navigate the complex landscape of HEOR, and market access. This involves identifying the most effective and collaborative approaches with all key stakeholders to demonstrate the value of medical interventions and ensuring their successful access to the market

Value Proposition Development

WAVE assists clients in developing compelling and differentiated value propositions for their products or interventions by identifying, clearly and concisely, the ‘call to action’ from various perspectives including clinical, economic and humanistic

Value Dossier Development

WAVE helps clients create robust and comprehensive value dossiers, that are based on key stakeholder insights and strong evidence and present the key value of a product or intervention. These dossiers and supporting materials are crucial in demonstrating the value proposition to decision-makers and supporting market access efforts

Clinical Trial Design

WAVE assists clients in designing clinical trials that align with payer requirements, ensuring that the generated evidence is relevant and meaningful for demonstrating the value of their products or interventions to payers

Evidence Generation

WAVE supports clients in designing and implementing strategies to generate the critical and necessary evidence required for demonstrating the value of their products or interventions. This involves planning and executing studies that complement the clinical trial program.  In addition, we can help clients identify and address the specific evidence needs and requirements that exist from a cost effective and budget impact modelling perspective

Payer Research

WAVE believes that gathering insights from key stakeholders is fundamental for developing a robust health economic and market access strategy and can conduct in-depth research such as payer research and more formal HTA advice. This research helps clients understand the needs, requirements, and decision-making processes of payers and HTAs, enabling them to tailor their strategies and offerings accordingly

Payer Advisory Boards

WAVE has the expertise to facilitate the establishment and management of payer advisory boards. These advisory boards provide important insights, guidance, and feedback to clients, helping them to align their strategies with payer expectations

HTA Landscaping

WAVE can conduct Health Technology Assessment (HTA) landscaping, which involves researching, assessing and analysing the current and future landscape of HTAs. This helps clients understand the specific requirements and criteria that need to be considered and addressed when seeking HTA approvals for their products and interventions

Project Management

WAVE provides project management services to clients, overseeing the planning, co-ordination, and execution of various activities related to HEOR, outcomes research and market access strategies. This includes efficiently managing resources, key stakeholders, timelines and ensuring successful project outcomes